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Mar 10, 2015
Jan 5, 2011
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Mar 10, 2015
    1. Ragnarokz64
      Phaed, this is Ragz from SL. If by chance you ever get free time, the mods of SL would really appreciate taking Super-moderators off of snitch alerts. This would allow them to do their job more thoroughly. Thank you.
    2. 123vinny456
      My precioustone plugin was working fine but now none of the blocks work and when i try to do any preciousstone cmd like /ps on i get this error " Syntax error, verify the command usage and try again" i dont understand why this is happening here a link so my config.yml file and heres a link to my dump log
    3. sTiCkEd
      I installed your Precious Stones mod on my server, however I want to be the only player on the server who can make precious stones (for other ppl and for my self) meaning that if someone wants to make a precious stone, he has to ask me first. How might I do that?

      I've seen those Permission Nodes on the wiki page, but I have no idea where they go or how to use'em!

      Thanks in advance bud
    4. R4Z0R49
      Im unable to find the pm button can you also add to you preciousStones thread. Keep up the good work
    5. Jonchun
      Meh I can't find a PM button for some reason. I must be stupid. Could you add to your PreciousStones thread?
    6. .:Dante:.
      Phaed, seeing that you're an expert when it comes to bukkit, I'm in need of assistance greatly. I've tried messing around with PreciousStones, yet the protection still is not working. There's more to it, but I'm going to refrain from making a wall of text here.

    7. Latros
      Phaed! I really, really, really need you! Could we have a private conversation A.S.A.P.? Top importance!
    8. DustyGee
      I'd just like to thank you for the PreciousStones plugin, it's extremely useful, fun, and one of the most customizable plugins I've used.
      I was wondering if it's possible to make The Shocker block last for more than 1 shot? Also the Mine block doesn't work for me... not a big deal but just wondering if I did something wrong, it says *goodbye* but doesnt blow up.
    9. jhstatewide
      Thanks for the work for the work on this plugin. It's very helpful to me.
    10. axefan
    11. regancali
      Please don't stop developing chat colors plugin, ichat doesn't work for me, no clue why, but yours does, it actually works with b271.
      1. phaed
        HeroChat is much better than both imho
        Feb 7, 2011
      2. regancali
        Yes i would agree on Hero Chat if it worked, it just adds an extra copy of the chat to my screen. Again, your plugin is so easy for those of us who just want different colors for names, hero is too much, ichat doesn't work, yours works and is simple, it is needed.
        Feb 9, 2011
    12. azoundria
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