Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. Beninati5
      can i ask you a question
      1. XlegitXcrazymanX
        Mar 17, 2013
    2. Speaw
      Hi admin :)
      1. Halowarthog and CaptainWalrus like this.
      2. Speaw
        bye admin.
        Mar 18, 2013
    3. Forge_User_52340611
      People on my server while using the latest dev build of 1.5 , they are saying that they are getting items popping up in their inventorys randomly and i also am so i think this may be a issue
    4. tmiester
      Why can only certain people have the new dev release?!!!!!! I got a server of 70 people just waiting. And then you release the new update just for certain people. Just to piss people off?!!!!!! This is so stupid.
      1. TnT
        Everyone can get it. It is not denied from anyone whatsoever.
        Check http://dl.bukkit.org - look closely until you find it.
        Mar 15, 2013
    5. Qualindro
      1.5 developement build out!
      you are like god to me
    6. chasechocolate
      You should change your avatar to your new mojavatar :P
    7. 99razvan99
      Hi, my plugin got over 2,300 download and lots of server use it but i am not sure why i get none rewards points can you help me getting some?

      Just tell me why i did not get also the link for the plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nogriefers/ .
    8. PapiDimmi
    9. cjcg1221
      hey dude can u help me out i started a servr and i need help. Can u tell me the best plugins posible so that only i can edit things such as only i can /op a person and only i can change someones game mode not them. Please help
      1. eamon12
        Ergh, install essentials, group manager, worldedit, worldguard, vault, those are one of the best plugins to get you started off with.
        Mar 5, 2013
    10. baugh70
      can I have the ip of ur server. if u have one?
    11. Mohammadtr
      Hello, Craftbukkit recommended build R 1.0 is broken. It gives me a gigantic error.... Please fix?
    12. MatthewFunk98
      Hello, um I have a issue with my server and I was wondering if you can tell me what i need to do?
    13. ShadowFire_11
      Yo owl looks kinda swaggy. Can I have the picture? I will photoshop it.
    14. legoguy46
      who can i ask to help me with my terminal?
    15. flare8970
      my new bukkit server keeps crashing its running version 1.4.7 and i have the latest version of Java.
      Every time i try to run it it crashes 2 seconds after i start it. Whats the problem?
      1. mastermustard
        can you read -_-
        "Please do not post Support Questions on this person's profile. Profile comments are to congratulate someone or for other stuff. "

        either way your message is impossible to diagnose without an error log its obviously a plugin
        Jan 28, 2013
    16. Jnorr44
      Would you please reply to my message? I noticed you were on and did not do so.
    17. artlove0825
    18. Varachit Wirunpat
      Varachit Wirunpat
      Please Make Plugin Command-Block Enable In Bukkit.

      Varachit Wirunpat
    19. tylers123
      your epic :D
    20. afistofirony
      Heh, congrats on 1,337 posts.
    21. jurcurr
      I have a bukkit server. And it is no more working! I've port forwarded again, make de server again, but still I only can join on Local Host. My friends can't join the server. I can give you the loadscreen when the server starts, but there is no warning. When I play with Hamachi I still only can join on my Hamachi IPv4. So, I’ve tried it on a Vanilla server and it works! But not with plugins!
      1. allen4433 likes this.
      2. allen4433
        My server is only local too, and I've done the same thing.
        Jan 5, 2013
      3. XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        Jan 6, 2013
    22. VOZonE
      How to block falling cans experience when right-poking at spawner mobs?
      Not important what spawner mob.
      I could not find a plugin that could fix this problem. I also coundn't find information of the problem: (
    23. THEdeadRETURNED
      Just telling ya, all super perms are down as of the latest dev build
    24. CakeForYouMinecraft
      1. XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        Jan 6, 2013
    25. killjoy207
      i need help makeing a server add me if u no skype name:bioshock.bios
      1. XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        XD 3VIL M0NKEY
        Jan 6, 2013
    26. XXXCharles
      Hi, whan will CraftBukkit 1.4.6. come out?

      Thanks for awnsering :)
    27. brownboys
      Hi I would like to know if you could help me with a prob that I have with the server that I am a mod on its called Nostrumcraft and I would like to know if you could help in becoming our developer on are server because it has more lag than what we want but we cant pay you because don't have the money to pay anyone. but if you cant thats fine but if you can recommend someone to us that is a good developer.
      1. CevinWa
        Seriosly do you think that one of the bukkit creators wanna be your plugin developer. If so you have to have something wrong in your head or lack of respect.
        Dec 20, 2012
    28. tincopper2
      How old do you have to be to work for Mojang?
      1. afistofirony
        Well, at least old enough to be independent (18 in most places).

        Dinnerbone is 21, but I'm not sure about ES or the other guys.
        Dec 14, 2012
    29. Bluetoungue
      Nice Effort EvilSeph with getting bukkit and makeing minecraft soooo much better to tell you in your next update add the cape mod into it so players can see other players capes
    30. eamon12
      You're very epic :O
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