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    Ok so what i would like is a plugin that interfaces with groupusers for now (i dont think the bukkit system will be ready for weeks yet (just look at the preview mess)) and allows the admins to set a space where a group can be if they try leaving that space they are stopped.
    The admin would be able to set more that 1 group to the 1 space. Any Group that is not on the list to be in the space cant enter it either. If a Group Has no space to go in they will have to stay in the rest of the map. Because they cant enter a space for another group and the group that has a space must stay in that space. No admin bypass command is needed because if the admin wants to be in the space just add admins to the groups allowed in the space. (small flaw in my logic there admins would not be able to come and go easy)

    basically it makes a space where the groups set have to stay in that space and the rest of the groups cant enter that space.

    simple: yes.
    not to hard to make: yes
    Will you make it: probably not.
    If i offer cash will you: maybe.

    do i need the plugin so i can set up my vip system to make money from selling vip: yes
    (not really making money more like cover the cost of running it.)

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