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    Minecraft version: 1.16.5

    Suggested name: ZombieV

    What I want: It maybe a complicated plugin, its a plugin that spawns waves of increasingly harder zombies to fight on a map with a boss every 5 rounds, with a max of 50 rounds, and zombies drop increasing about of money with each boss round and bosses drop 5000 coins, and increasing in 2500 coins each time a new boss spawns, preferably hooked into a economy plugin such as Vault or Essentials

    Other things: supports multiple games running at once, a new game starts when 1 player joins the new map for the first time, players can leave and join mid game and when the last player leaves the map ends

    Boss ideas: 1st boss Spider boss, just a spider that runs at you and attacks you, for all the other bosses but the level 50 boss do anything you want, but for the the FINAL boss i want it to be the Zombie Overlord, its a zombie wearing full netherite enchanted armor and summons minions, thats all

    Ideas for commands: /join (map/game)

    Ideas for permissions: ZombieV.admin >> to start and stop games for testing
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    You say there are no commands but it should have commands for 1. setting the map (or the area) and 2. for joining and leaving. Also are other players able to join and leave during an on-going game?
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    the leave will be like /spawn because of the plugin i have installed and yeah i guess about the other thing you said
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    You didn't respond to this question. Are players able to join mid game? What happens if the last player from an arena leaves, does the challenge end?
    Also why just zombies? I was thinking to be able to let create mobs, add equip and potion effects to multiple mobs and you could place them in each wave individually so you have more control overall(By placing individually I mean to add them to the spawn list for each wave with a chance also modifiable by you). Also I was thinking to make all into a GUI so it's easier to configure.
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    yes players are able to join mid and game if the last player leaves yes the game ends, and just zombies because i dont want to make it too complicated for the coder

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