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    Category: Fun

    Name: ZombieHunt

    What i'd like: What I would like is something where you have arenas where a lot of zombies spawn, lets say this is configurable within a config per arena or with in game commands, and you have say 1-5 players, again configurable per arena, and its like survival games where there are random chest with random gear in, and the aim is to kill all the zombies within a specific amount of time. Over time the zombies will start to get buffs, this could be speed, health, strength, damage resistance, armour or weapons, and the players have to kill the zombies before the time runs out... Sorry if this is confusing... I guess in a nutshell its SurvivalGames where you play against bots (the zombies) and you have to kill them all within a certain time. Players cant break blocks etc.

    /zombiehunt createarena <arena name> (Creates arena within area selected with world edit)
    /zombiehunt modify <arena name> <maxplayers/maxzombies/minplayers/timelimit (minutes)>
    /zombiehunt join <arena name>
    /zombiehunt leave
    /zombiehunt fstart (force starts the game)
    /zombiehunt vote (vote to start the game - when 50% of the people vote it will start)

    when i'd like it done by... Well, since i can tell it is going to be a really complex plugin and most likely no one will make it... If someone does then they can take as long as they need.
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    Would you like this plugin to have permissions? If so what would you like them to be?
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    Oh yes! So:
    zombiehunt.* - all commands
    zombiehunt.join - /zombiehunt join
    zombiehunt.vote - /zombiehunt vote
    zombiehunt.fstart - /zombiehunt fstart
    Could /zh also be an alias for /zombiehunt too?
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    Ah, I will start work on this ASAP.
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    Sweet! Thanks
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    Looks Good and nice idea
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