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    If this is already done in a single plugin, let me know, as I could not find one. And the ones that do exists come close, but do not do exactly what I need. This is for a zombie survival server I am trying to build.


    Plugin category: Mechanics / Roleplaying / Fun

    Suggested name: Zombie Wars

    What I want: I have already looking through a few different plugins that are similar to what I need, but just don't meet my needs completely (such as MobManager, Zombie Revival, Zombie Apocalypse, to name a few). What I need is a plugin that combines a few of the features from those above, plus adds a few others.

    I need zombies to be the only monster mob (neutral mobs like pigs, cows, chickens, etc can still spawn) that spawn, and to allow them to spawn both in day and night time. They need to also be able to walk around in the day time without catching fire from the light.

    Zombies should only be able to spawn within 18 chunks of a player, so as not to overload the server, and if a player leaves an area with zombies, they should despawn if no other players are nearby within 20 chunks.

    If a person is attacked and hit, there should be a percentage chance (maybe 15-20%) that they will be bitten. When bitten, they would receive a potion effect (most likely the effect you get when near a nether portal) that lasts a certain period of time. After this timer ends the player dies, and a zombie is spawned in their place with any items they had on them equipped / in inventory.

    If possibly, I would also like a herd effect for zombies that are close together, where if one zombie sees someone and starts to move towards them, any near that zombie start to follow.

    Finally, I would like an ability to specify a safe zone (or more than 1) using world edit and WorldGuard so that I can specify where zombies can not spawn at all, regardless of how many players are in the area.

    Thank you to whoever decides to take on this project. I would do it myself, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of java (I only deal with C++), and I do not have enough time available between work and managing my server to work on this as well.

    Ideas for commands:

    /zw spawn <amount> - spawns zombies where you are looking. Amount is based on what you entered.

    /zw despawn <amount/all> - despawns any zombies near where you are looking. If you specify an amount, that amount is despawned. If you say all, all zombies in the area are despawned.

    /zw reload - reloads config for plugin.

    /zw infect <playername> - infects a player you specify with the virus.

    /zw heal <playername> - removes virus from player you specify.

    /zw safezone(alias sf) create <name> - starts creation of a safezone with the name you specify. Should inform a player when they enter and leave the safe zone. When a player uses this command, should ask them to select point 1 and point 2 with the wand tool (worldedit axe by default).

    /zw safezone(alias sf) complete - after selecting the points / editing an existing safezone, type this to complete the safezone and activate its protection.

    /zf safezone(alias sf) edit <name> - edits an existing safezone that you specify.

    /zf safezone(alias sf) set owner <safezone> <name> - adds an owner to the safezone. Only owners can build and destroy in the safezone, all can use switches and items. If more than one, seperate by a comma.

    /zf safezone(alias sf) remove owner <safezone> <name> - removes an owner from a safezone. If more than one, seperate by a comma.

    Ideas for permissions:

    zw.spawn - allows use of the /zw spawn command
    zw.despawn - allows use of the /zw despawn command
    zw.reload - allows use of the /zw reload command
    zw.infect - allows use of the /zw infect command.
    zw.heal - allows use of the /zw heal command
    zw.safezone - allows use of all commands that specify a safezone.
    zw.*- gives all the above permissions, default for OP.

    When I'd like it by: Preferably by end of March 2014. End of May at latest.
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    Bump. FYI, the time frame I set is my preferred time to have it by. However I know that developing a plugin can take time, so I am very flexible (I can extend the deadline to however long you would need to make it, as long as it does not exceed 1 year).

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