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    Hi, I am making a zombie survival server and was wondering if anyone could please make me a plugin that after a certain amount of zombie kills it can automatically rank you up to the next rank.
    example idea:
    Rank: [name of rank in permissionsex]
    - 1
    - 2
    Kills Needed: [relates to the rank above in order]
    - 100
    - 200 [so for rank 1 it would be 100 kills needed etc]
    Your Zombie kills: 198 [number of kills]
    Kills needed for ranknamehere : 2 [<-- That is kills needed]
    [making it so you can change the colors would be great, would be needed in config like
    line 1:
    line 2:
    [than you would have to add the ability to put the spot to display rank so like <rank> - display next rank and <kills> would display your current kills and like <need> would display kills needed
    zombie.stats - or something along those lines
    Thanks so much to anyone who can do this for me!

    No one can do this?

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    Wait a few hours before bumping.

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