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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dannda, Dec 22, 2021.

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    Hello there!

    I have, well maybe an odd request. I've been searching through the internet for some plugin to enhance zombie attacks with some debuff (poison, hunger, etc.) - after they bite you, I would love these effects to be applied. I found a prefect plugin for my needs, too, but it's for an old version of minecraft (1.8.1 I believe - I need it for 1.18.1).

    So my question is - is there anyone who could help me and update this plugin for me? The link for the forementioned plugin is https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/zombieinfection

    Thanks a lot!
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    What's up. I see what you have in mind, but what effects & how configurable do you want to have it? - I mean effects & configurability like: time taken to heal the wound, multiple effects or random effect... you know what I mean. Anyways, I could create a plugin like that in ~4days I guess.
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    Hi @Dannda

    The linked plugin does not have detailed information about its functionallity nor did you provide a lot of information about what features and configurations it should have. Anyway i tried to recreate it based on the available information and added a lot of config parameter so you can adjust the plugin to your likings :)

    So here is some information:
    Plugin Name: ZombieDiseaseInfection
    Version: Spigot 1.18 (don't know if you use bukkit or spigot)
    With this plugin you can define different effects (poison, hunger, etc.) which will be applied to the player, depending on the probability in your config (by default you have a 20% chance to get an effect when hit). Furthermore you can decide, if the player can only have 1 effect simultaneously (also resetted if he dies), or if he gets an effect on every hit. Effects from other Events (for example by potions, golden apples, etc.) do not influence the effects you get from a zombie hit.

    Example Config (auto generated by the plugin with these default values, you can adjust it easy):

    # The following values can be set:
    # more-than-one-effect-simultaneously:
    # if set to false -> the player can only have one effect at the same time, even if he gets hit multiple times by a zombie
    # if set to true -> the player can have multiple effects at the same time, so every time he gets hit by a zombie he will get an effect
    # chance-of-effect:
    # defines the probability that the player will get an effect. Values can be between 0% (never) and 100% (always) - default value is 100 (always)
    # custom-effect:
    # - potionEffectType (The Type of the effect. List of effects can be found in https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Effect
    # - level (The level of the effect)
    # - durationMin (minimum duration of the effect - if durationMin and durationMax are different, the player will get a random duration between this two values)
    # - durationMax (minimum duration of the effect - if durationMin and durationMax are different, the player will get a random duration between this two values)
    # duration has to be set in ticks. one second equals 20 ticks. YOu can use this formula: 20 * seconds = ticks
    more-than-one-effect-simultaneously: false
    chance-of-effect: 20 # 20 percent chance that an effect will be applied
        potionEffectType: hunger
        level: 1
        durationMin: 100 # 5 seconds
        durationMax: 200 # 10 seconds
        potionEffectType: slowness
        level: 1
        durationMin: 140 # 7 seconds
        durationMax: 140 # 7 seconds
        potionEffectType: nausea
        level: 2
        durationMin: 200 # 10 seconds
        durationMax: 200 # 10 seconds
    I hope you are happy with it! Just contact me for a revision or i you have some wishes.

    Edit: Some config parameters which i forgot

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    Thank you guys, both! I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, during Christmas I didn't have time. I will try it out asap and let you guys know if something's wrong. Thanks again a lot! :-D
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