Zombie attack

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Need_Not, Nov 9, 2019.

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    name: zombie-attack (original ik)
    version: 1.8-1.13
    what does it do:
    players spawn on a 150x150 world they have 10 min to get whatever they want from the world and build defenses against the zombies then 1 wave one comes then 2 and 3 ect. (goes forever) but the zombies are trying to get the egg or crystal (idk if crystal will work in 1.8) the zombies attack the "item" doing damage, once the "item" is dead the game ends players can respawn as many times as they want with a 5 sec respawn time
    Btw zombies can break blocks and faster each wave

    and then what if the scoreboard is just place holders so i use quick boards to do it

    place holders:
    %crystal-heath% (or egg)

    commands: /zombies reload
    /zombies start


    max players: 8
    min players: 4
    Peacetime: 5m
    respawn time: 5s
    crystal (or egg) heath: 100
    end message:
    &cGame Over!
    &fWave count: &c%wavecount%

    end then idk so the players dont spawn in a big ocean
    have a seed list or whatever

    Needed by: idk TBH it's kinda a big plugin so don't feel like you have to do this but i would be cool if someone did
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    People here usually don't develop minigames/gamemodes
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    sounds bout right
  4. Thats true....
    But it sounds like a fun minigame so I'll make it! :)
    Is it okay if I release this plugin on bukkit, spigot and github (under a GNU AGPLv3 license, meaning: do what you want with it but if you change it you have to release the code)?

    EDIT: Started working on it
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  6. I just ordered it from a developer, just the idea is mine. Sorry, the source code no longer exists. I just posted to make sure the plugin never gets lost, and if it's good for someone else. Based on the original plans, I wanted something like this: touchme
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