YouTubers Server "Solace Block SMP". We need plugins! <3

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    Solace Block, A New YouTuber Survival YouTube Series with great friends!

    Pretty much, Me and a few friends are looking to create a survival whitelisted server (More or less quite similar to "MindCrack") But, we all agreed that the basic "vanilla" is very overused and saturated so we're looking for people who can code these plugins for us, We'd all be extremely grateful and of course would link all these plugins to the rightful owner.

    Plugin #1

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that creates custom ores. Now you may be thinking "This can't be done!" But I had an Idea. Pretty much, I would like to spawn a random block underground eg. Sponge and upon breaking the sponge it would drop a existing item with a different name eg. Silver Ingot, Would also be nice to have a config with the block, item and lore (include color codes) aswell as rarity and depth spawn with a config.

    Ideas for commands: /co give <orename>

    Plugin #2

    What I want: I'd like a plugin creates random events around the server, (1,000 - 3,000 blocks from the nearest player) eg. at a certain location it would announce in chat to the entire server saying "A Zombie swarm has been spotted at <coordinates>" as a reward for completing it would reward all players who attended it a couple enchanting books as-well as EXP. (It would be nice to be configurable)

    Ideas for commands: /event start (creates a random event)

    Plugin #3

    What I want: It's a simple plugin. I would like epic dungeon loot! Like; Iron, Gold & Diamond block. And, enchanting books with power 7, A diamond sword with knockback 4! Stuff similar to that.

    Ideas for commands: -No commands necessary-

    We would all be extremely grateful if anyone can create these for us.

    Contact Information:
    Skype: kure.kraze

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    Well.... Are you asking for a private plugin? Because it sounds like that
    "anyone can create these for us"
    "can code these plugins for us"
    Because im pretty sure you are not allowed to ask for private plugins in the plugin requests forum. Use pm instead.
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    Nope. If it sounded that way, Sorry. I did also say: "We'd all be extremely grateful and of course would link all these plugins to the rightful owner."
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    Custom ores are impossible without client modification
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    Did you actually read it?
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    Hey, I'll hit you up on Skype later tonight and we can have a chat about it. If I find the time I'll be glad to do this for you.
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