Your thoughts and views on LevelCraft

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Your thoughts on LevelCraft

  1. It is great i love it!

    12 vote(s)
  2. Never tried it/heard of it.

    6 vote(s)
  3. It is too laggy.

    5 vote(s)
  4. It is too complicated.

    1 vote(s)
  5. It does not suit my server.

    1 vote(s)
  6. The support is slow.

    0 vote(s)
  7. It does not congratulate the user for leveling up.

    2 vote(s)
  8. I prefer other skill plugins such as mcmmo and skillz.

    2 vote(s)
  9. Other

    3 vote(s)
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    Hello Comrades,
    This is just a simple question and answer style thread just generally getting your thoughts on my main plugin LevelCraft. You may or may not know it but it is a plugin that allows you to define levels for individual skills allowing you to improve your ability in that area.

    I will not take offense by any criticism, in fact i welcome it! I want to improve this plugin and this will aid me into doing it. I already listen to suggestions but i want to get some more suggestions on it overall. Please do the poll as well to aid in this research.

    Thank you :).
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    Well. It's awesome. Some errors. But hey, it is Version 0.1!
    My players love it. And i actually don't have any request's for a new level.
    5/5 Stars :D
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    It's the worst plugin ever created.
    Just kidding.

    It's a good Levelling plugin that is lightweight, no lag. :p

    I'm also looking for some feedback for LevelCraft - where it be more levels, fixes to current levels or some additions to the core you'd like to see.

    If you have any extra feedback for me and Samkio, post it here.
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    I would like it if it had some more feautres, one of the reasons my users love mcmmo is because they always try to be the top of the mcmmo leaderboards. If this plugin had a leader board feature that would be awesome.
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    LevelCraft has leader boards and has had them for some time.
    /lvl rank <Level> to see your rank for that level.
    /lvl top <level> [number] to see the top so players in a level.
    Maybe i should have documented this...
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    I would like to default plugin can support MySQL, without "LevelView", then I would have used it, i while waiting =)
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    LevelCraft supports MySQL.
    Do you mean like a port that will show the data similar to dynmap?
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    Yes, I just wrong said =) Overall a very good plugin.

    And why don't you unite all the jar file plug-in 1? I terribly furious when a lot of files in the folder /plugins.

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    Custamisability and usability.
    Instead of updating the entire plugin when adding a new level. We can make a new plugin. Other devs can also contribute etc. Looking to move it in a separate folder however.
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    It is clear, thanks. Another problem with the plugin "WorldGuard", to select regions using an ax, and to pump up the diamond Topar need a wooden ax and chop them can not be =)
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    No I mean so you can type some command and it would have a list of players with the highest levels, similar to how iconomy has /money top.
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    @pomo4ka yeah change the WG item to a stick for instance.

    It's similar there is a leader board for each level but not an overall level yet.
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    Well add an overall level and I'll be interested :)
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    Great plugin, I'd most certainly take it over the other options. Granted it's an early stage plugin, it does ad a nice curve to the game play. Now it does have some easy in game ways that players can abuse but my biggest challenge is finding other mods that don't influence the speed at which levels are obtained. Overall it adds the progression through tool and weapon stages where otherwise a group of people can dominate an area getting to and using diamonds early. It is good for keeping things limited to the people who make the effort to obtain it.
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    Damnit, forgot to watch the thread and missed all your replies xD
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    Negative Feedback (Several sources I gathered for fun :D)

    Plugin Folder is clogged with lots of levels, it may not be possible, but if they could be moved to the core sub-folder would make life easier for server-admins.

    Make all levels stop out-putting enabled messages and simply add the version numbers of enabled levels to the core, to reduce excess spam.

    Hooking support suggestions include;
    Economy hook, and core commands.
    Bukkit Contribution for interesting features.
    Class support once more (I know this is being worked on as a plugin)
    No extra features currently including such as guilds, parties and other RPG features that make this unique.

    Positive Feedback;

    You only download what you need!
    Highly customizable!
    Clean help menu and easy to use commands.
    Lots of levels and is constantly under development!
    Nice video help guides!
    More that I've forgotten because it has become a core part of my server..
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    Haven't used it, just looked into it. I really like it, currently have mcmmo installed but will most likely switch tonight.

    Hope you keep develop it and btw, reupload the pictures in the main thread! ;)

    plus, instead of having everything under /plugins, let us use /plugins/levelcraft.

    Keep developing, its awesome!
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    I've looked it a pile of times in thoughts of switching but the 'rewards' once you get up in levels is what keeps me on mcMMO even if its a bit of a pig on system resources.

    Like double drops, random cocoa beans or glowstone dust from excavation and the super-pickaxe functions are my faves (my users tell me the double drop rate from mining is their biggest favorite point). Especially if your trying to do mega buildings, getting an extra few pieces of material per swing really makes the difference when you have limited game time.

    I love the idea of being restricted though with lvl crft and the expansive ideas and development length its taking. Perhaps rewards beyond being able to use better tools would be something to think about.
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    LevelCraft added double drops ages ago :p
    We also have faster mining / digging (not just super pickaxe, so it can be dealt with in moderation).

    We've been adding more and more rewards for levels for a long time, for instance, my farming level has an extra wheat drop + Cocoa beans drop. Excavation + Mining have double drops, faster mining and fire pick/shovel (dependant on the level xD)

    We have something secret in store also ^^
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    Pictures will be back in 2 days xD Thanks :p

    Thank you this is what i was thinking. LevelCraft is not rewarding enough. This is why i have been adding new features to all the levels.
    For instance the mining level now has:
    FasterMining - The Higher level you are the faster you mine. Not InstaMine however. eg Obsidian in 5seconds as upposed to 15 etc.
    FirePick - Smelt Blocks via mining of the GoldenPickaxe ie Cobble -> Smoothstone. IronOre -> IronIngot
    DoubleDrops - Drops 2wice.

    As with finding stuff randomly we have a Scavenger skill. The higher your level the more likely you are at finding lost items in grass sand etc.

    Thanks everyone for their contributions so far. :D
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    Well it seems I need to start keeping up here. You may have just converted me over...I think I'll do an isolated test with a few members and see how it goes. I had no idea so much was added.

    I'll get back to this...definitely going to give this a test toast.
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