Your must-have less popular plugins?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by CTRLotus, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Hey! I can't afford my own server, but I have a hobby of building concept servers when I get super bored. What are your must-have plugins that you don't see on the majority of other servers and why?

    My particular go-to plugin is Skript, because it allows me to create commands and modify chat and such just the way I want it. You can go as far as creating a full-fledged RPG system, although it can get laggy after too many variables.
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    MobRepellent -

    It's kind of abandoned but I have a beta version which still works perfectly. On our server it provides two key functions - firstly it allows you to have towns without torches every few blocks or having to do limiting hidden lighting tricks. As it stops spawning in a radius it also results in a virtual wall of mobs around any town at night which is pretty fun to get through :p Secondly it provides a resource sink for diamonds. Making just one small island "safe" takes stacks and stacks of diamonds.

    Many plugins have come and gone on our server, but this is the one we all agree would be hard to lose.
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    Magic Carpet is still a fun one. when MC came out with Creative mode, I found it hard to switch to it when TMI and this just made it easy to build.
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    Skript is the best! You can basically "code" your own plugin without java knowledge! :D
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    CubeGenetics - Allows in-game editing of NBT data. e.g., change the color of horses, add nametags, etc.

    InfinityDispenser - I use it to create fireworks shows. Never have to refill the dispenser.

    MotdManager - Sends a random Message Of The Day from a list you create.

    WallClock - Allows signs showing real-time clocks. Time can be Minecraft in-game time, or server real-world time.
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