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    Too often this forum gets filled with mostly useless posts - people posting an error without any background context, or posting a "bug report" that has little to no information in the post. Every time the poster gets asked the same thing. Even if you think you don't need to post this, it can't hurt to give all this information (aka: do it anyway).

    We can only help you if you are willing to help yourself. The most helped people have been those who have gone through the troubleshooting steps already.

    Offline servers will receive no support, and will result in your post getting locked and possible warnings or even bans being handed out. Offline mode servers are inherently insecure and prone to problems. You are on your own if you need help running an offline mode server (aka, online-mode=false).

    Here is the information we need to properly help you diagnose the problem:

    1. What OS are you using (Brand and version - Ex. Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 x64)?
    2. What architecture is the OS you are running (x64 or x86)?
    3. What version and architecture is your java install? (Type: java -version in command prompt.)
    If you run any GNU/Linux, run this command to get all 3:
    uname -a && java -version
    4. Are you running any wrappers? McMyAdmin, mcadmin, Hamachi, etc?
    5. What build of CraftBukkit are you running? (do NOT say latest. Say the build number.)
    The build number is displayed in the top of the server.log.
    6. your server.log, and bukkit.yml files.

    Now that you've given us all the basics, now we get into the more advanced stuff. Note, if you haven't answered 1-5 yet, answering 6-10 will be almost pointless.

    7. What command are you using to run your CraftBukkit server?
    8. What plugins are you running?
    9. What error are you getting (remember to post your server.log file (from the start to finish of your server) - or please)?
    10. What have you tried already?
    11. Have you tried any of the things below?

    Things to try in order to figure out where the error is occurring:

    Run the vanilla Minecraft server (no Craftbukkit). Does the error/problem still occur?
    If yes, then it's not a problem we can fix here. Sorry. If no, continue.

    Update your CraftBukkit Build. A newer version may have fixed the error. Older versions will not be supported, no matter now much you like build #69.

    Remove all your plugins and try with just CraftBukkit. Does the error/problem still occur?
    If yes, check the forum for this error already. If nothing found, post the answers to the questions above and someone will be along shortly to help. If no, continue.

    Update your plugins. Older versions may be supported at the plugin developers discretion, but newer versions may have already fixed your problem.

    Add in a single plugin. Does the error/problem still occur? If yes, post on the thread of the plugin itself. You'll get faster help than posting in here. Seriously. This is because both the author of the plugin, and the people using the plugin will browse that thread. You have all the expert advice you need in that thread. The answer will either already be there, or best answered there.
    If no, repeat this step with another plugin.

    If you've added all your plugins back in and the problem isn't re-occurring? Great, you've just fixed your problem.

    Extra Tips:
    If you are using windows, and get the error: "[WARNING] **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!" reboot your system (or try to hunt down and kill the hung Java process).

    Java 1.5.x has been known to not work well. Update to the latest version. (1.6.0_24 at the time of this post). While CraftBukkit is built against 1.5, many plugins are not and will not work if you run Java 1.5.

    Running a wrapper has been known to cause a lot of difficulties (usually setup related). Try running it without the wrapper.

    Plugin Specific Questions/Config issues should be brought up on the plugin thread itself. You WILL get better support than posting on this forum.
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