You must hold a certain item to execute a certain command

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    Plugin category: Misc

    Suggested name: Item Command

    What I want: You must have a certain item on your hand to run a certain command.
    For example: you must hold a torch to use command "/spawn".

    Ideas for commands: /itemcommand reload

    Ideas for permissions: itemcommand.ignore (you can use all commands at any time, wearing anything)
  2. I can do this. When do you need it by?
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    I don't have a certain day to release my server, so don't worry much about time, but would be good to make it sooner enough to test it and edit the configs.
    Another thing: when someone tries to execute a command without the object, a message would apper (this message could be edited for each item/command) like this "You need a torch (or whatever I rename it) to use /spawn"
  4. It's a little more advanced then what I am used to. May take a few days. I am also on some other projects that came before you so, expect it to be a few days.
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    Hey, this is simple as drinking water. Here, give me 30 minutes.

    I'm done, now to uploading it. Wait..

    Sorry I forgot to give the link, here:
    bargh, just wait until the file is approved, otherwise I'm done and I might start maintaining it if it's giving me good credit.

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