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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Aireesan, Nov 17, 2014.

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    :mad: *** DO NOT REFER ME TO ANOTHER PLUGIN *** :mad:
    Name: KitPvP (super original, huh?)
    Purpose: Create a simple kitpvp system.
    Features: When you respawn or join, you are equipped with a inventory of soup, a sword, and iron armor. Buffs & Debuffs such as /leather for leather armor and /sharp to upgrade sharpness. I would also like a economy system that drops money per kill, specificly for Vault or EssEco. Soup heals 3 hearts. All messages are in the &7 color. [LIGHT GREY]. Based on the amount of kills someone has, they give more credits. I don't care how you manage that, just make it happen. Remember- Credits aren't just willy nlly give em out everywhere, set a cap of 10 per kill.
    Full Command Structure:
    /buffs: show enchantments, potion effects, etc... to make the game easier.
    /debuffs: show downgrades so you get more coins for kills.
    /archer: replace your sword with a bow; can't do after attacking someone in your current life.
    /repair: repairs your items for a cost of 10 in game currency.
    /sharp: sharpens your sword by one, maximum 3. costs 5 IGC for sharpness 1, 20 IGC for sharpness 2, 50 IGC for sharpness 3.
    /str: gives you strengthness 2 for 40 in game currency
    /leather: gives you leather armor +1 credit per kill
    /gold: gives you gold armor +2 credits per kill
    /wood: gives you a wood armor +3 credits per kill
    /pro: No armor, one row of soup, stone sword. +4 credits per kill

    I would want this by however long it takes, put it on bukkit dev, whatever. Just please give me credit, I spent half a hour writing this out.
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    First of all: Please never state that you dont want people to recommend you already existing plugins, since there might be a plugin which is exactly what you are looking for...
    In other words: Always be open for compromises.

    Anyways, could you please explain what "wood armor" would be?
  3. mrCookieSlime Quick thing

    Aireesan I am making something similar, I will link it when it is done. It might suite your needs fine.
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    *cough* *cough* Err, I don't know what you are talking about...

    Well, that happens when you are using your mobile phone...
  5. mrCookieSlime *cough* *cough* This post has been edited 1 time. It was last edited by mrCookieSlime 6 minutes ago.
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    Aireesan I'll do it, but what's wood armor?
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    So you want a plugin like McPvP's classic kitpvp plugin?
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