YAML issues? Permissions issues/need to upgrade? Look here!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Darq, Oct 19, 2011.

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    GM does not hook to NMS.
    GM doesnt crash the server.
    GM doesnt lag the server.
    GM isnt "crackable".
    GM doesnt conflict with other plugins.
    i believe that covers all the "GM is bad" arguments.
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    yes but I've never had any of those problems that you just mentioned since 1.2.5 so back to point one I still don't get how it is bad, yet verified and published on craftbukkit still?? surely if it was that bad it would be a virus in other words
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    This thread was created in 2011, there seemed to be a group of people who had a general hate-on for Essentials back then, unfortunately I was a part of that group. I haven't been involved enough with permissions plugins to know the present situation, but I'm sure the life of the plugin speaks for itself.

    Anyway, this is an old-ass thread, shouldn't really have been bumped.

    However, it's has given me an idea for a universal permissions converter, something I may work on soon if it hasn't already been made (if anyone reading this knows - please tell me about it, prefer not to waste time making another). Simple input one plugin's files, select which plugin (and possibly version) it's from, and select the desired output plugin.

    mbaxter could you do me a huge favour and lock this old-ass thread?
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    Hello I have a simple question in PeX can multiple people have the same rank? Here is my permissions file. I have special ranks for donors so they can get custom titles and I am not sure if I can give them all the same rank. I like using /pex promote playername so when promote someone from trusted to mod I have to go through all the donor ranks.
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    please read the post just above yours.

    Gravity Could you please lock this thread?
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    Do that mean you are no longer replying to questions here?
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    Hey man just a ill quicky, why don't you convert to GroupManager? I use this plugin and its really great and easy (especially the fact that you can set groups with command blocks), is the plugi bad? Or you just don't like it?
    Edit: nvm saw your post that you hated essentials back then...m
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    Thread locked at OP's request!
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