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    I've been using this plugun which helps detecting potential xrayers, for a year now, and it has never stopped working allthough it hasn't been updated since 1.4


    Even though t still works, I feel like a new and updated plugin like Rate of XRay is necesary, which keeps track of all mined ores individually.

    If someone could make a newly updated plugin inspired on Rate of XRay, that would be great :) It looks rather simple. I'm still not sure about already existing and updated plugins like this one, maybe someone knows about one?
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    Not really that simple. I downloaded it and decompiled it. Many classes to take care of. Ill start working.. on it.

    Done in 5 hours.. ill post it on DEV
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    Yay! Thank you :) Please tell me when you have something ready so I can test it :D
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    MithrandirCraft Not gonna work. Night time man. getting late her.

    Maby someone else can do it?
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    No porblem, no one is in a hurry, if you decide to take this idea please tell me n_n
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    MithrandirCraft I really wanna make it yes but im doing it other time. cause i dont have time atm
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    Rate of x-ray is an inherently BAD method to determine if players are using x-ray. Simple case and fact - a group or team of players in which 4 of them are mining and the 5th one has the Diamond fortune pick. That player will end up getting flagged for rate of x-ray because he is mining all the ores that his team finds.

    Additionally, players using x-ray will likely make sure to mine enough additional blocks as such to not trigger their rate, especially if they know your server is using it.

    Orebfuscator - is your better option.
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    Just saying that it is All Rights Reserved .. so you could get into trouble doing so
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    L33m4n123 U readed my posts after it?... Please ready hole tread/topic before saying..
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    Oreobfuscator lags like hell. My server is not ready for it, so I can't rely on that, what I can rely on is my moderator team, which checks on users that might be xraying through this system.

    Yes, I know about the silk touch issue, that could also be solved with a newer xray rate plugin, allthough I can't imagine how.
    Still, there is nothing better than this for me. Oreobfuscator is too resource intensive.
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    You want a plugin to keep track of all ores mined by every player? Like how many they mine?
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    But do you think you could make it reliable? On my PvP Factions server it is quite provable that teams of players bring ores to base with silk touch, and make one player mine them all together with fortune enchantment.

    Maybe, just maybe it would be possible to only register the first person who mined that ore? I know it might be crazy but could that be possible? or is there some other way?

    If not, just an updated version of RateOfXray is what I'm looking for, if you make something please inform me. Thanks a lot :)
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    To get around that problem you'd need to implement a solution like Oreobfuscator.
    It is possible to track who and where each diamond_ore is.. though not exactly fun to code IMO.
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    ...? I'm starting to think people get paid for recommending Oreobfuscator lol. As I said before, I'm not interested in that plugin for the reasons I mentioned, I even have a completely inactive similar system on my Spigot server, what I need is an updated version of RateOfXray which is just fine for me.

    Anyway I don't mean to be rude, the comment you quoted was just a question for who offered to code it, please don't defame this project saying that it is not fun to code.
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    Rather than propose a new plugin - see here - http://dev.bukkit.org/search/?search=xray - Did you even search for this? There are several and many are up to date. I can still guarantee you this WONT catch xrayers but it WILL get innocent people banned. To reduce lag on Orebfuscator reduce your server's view-distance setting to something more intelligent like 6 or 7, use the less intensive setting as well... also, I've found that Spigot's built-in obfuscator just plain doesn't work, I disabled it and use OreO.

    Also, I don't get paid to promote OreO, I wish that such a plugin wasn't necessary and the Minecraft was designed better in the first place so that issues like this wouldn't have ever happened.
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    Render distance on my server is already 6. But being a 5gb ram PvP server with a max of 30 plugins it will not stand oreobfuscator, and I'm not saying it's a bad plugin, it's great, but it just doesn't suit my small server.

    I'm just jocking about ''getting paid'', but it seem's impossible to get any interesting answers besides ''Oh you should be using Oreobfuscator all other methods are bullshit because oreobfuscator is so perfect''.

    Is it wrong to ask for something without searching? Even when I'm aiming for a better project?

    I suggest you and AndyMcB1 just get your noses out of this post if you are just going to disturb.
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    People keep recommending Oreobfuscator because it's amazing, and does its job very well. While it might cause lag it's very good.

    On the other hand, if you keep searching someone will eventually make this. I might make it soon but I'm currently developing for a server network.
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    I suggested it because you're doubting the other method:
    I used to use this when I run my server..


    Andy out.
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    this plugin has the features you wand and more to prevent and catch cheating
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    yyyes... It does have features for cheat prevention, but it's xray features aren't very good (If there are any, I have used it but can't remember). Sorry but this plugin is not what I need either xD
    The main reason for this post is for someone to offer development for a new and updated version of the kind of plugin I mention. I am very familiar with lots of bukkit plugins, and have no problem understanding their functions, therefore I know when a plugin does not suit my server, Oreobfuscator doesn't, and i replaced Anticheat long ago with NoCheatPlus.

    tremor Anyway I already found an interesting plugin searching for already done alternatives, it's called XrayLookup, but it does not work on my version, 1.6.4. And has no method to overlook the silk touch - fortune combo.
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    That plugin does work like Rate of XRay it keeps a log of how many of each ore a person mines among other statistics which you can see it then can tell admins about users and mark them with diffrent levels based on how much it thinks they are cheating

    Directly from his page "To view XRay statistics for a player, including how much of a certain block they are breaking, how likely it is that they are using xray, and other info, use /anticheat xray [player] and you will get back tons of info."
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    Aha, so they do have that now. Wasn't anticheat flaged as unsafe by the bukkit team?

    Well anyway I do need an independent plugin for that, as I prefer using NoCheatPlus, which I think has nothing for what I need either...
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    That was "Nano Guard AntiCheat" not AntiCheat in itself.
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    Well if i were not having double shifts this weekend I might be able to bang this out over the week end. If not I can get it done over thanksgiving week.
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    Please tell me when you release something :)
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    Not sure if this is something that would relate to your issue but.... on our server when we have logblock running we had one of our devs right a nice script that would post to a web page that staff could see. It was set to show the percent rate of each block mined. (This is recommended for high-end systems). It's a bit complicated but if anyone is good at scripts / php it can be done and with hardly any lag on a decent server.

    Staff knew to watch the listings and if it rose above a certain percentage we could check that with time and location. within seconds if we saw someone with say a %5 diamond rate, we would personally go and check the area / homesets / etc... It's a bit of effort but once its in place it works very well. We had better than 99% accuracy on catching actual xrayers.

    I also happen to love mining and exploring and know many of the tricks that can be used without any mods. This helps me as well in determining if a member is cheating or not.
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    Interesting, I will take that in mind, but there is nothing more usefull for me than RateOfXrays
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    You have 5GB ram and 30 players max and you're saying you can't use Orebfuscator?????? Either your CPU is a pile of dog crap or you don't know how to setup your Minecraft Server. I run a hub of 4 interconnected minecraft servers (on the same actual server) with maxplayers of 100 each. I allocate 2-4 GB RAM to each server and each one runs Orebfuscator with no issues. The lag you experience may be YOUR minecraft client on your home pc.

    Anyway, I'm sorry for injecting my opinion into your plugin request - just trying to state an obvious post that rate of ores to cobble or some other metric for determining x-ray is fundamentally flawed. Xrayers won't get caught and innocents will get banned.
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    Excuse me, I did not say 30 players max. I said 30 PLUGINS MAX, read carefully. My max ammount of players is 75 (way over than what it can handle). I've been administrating minecraft servers for more than two years now, I think I should know enough as to what causes lag, what doesn't, and what's more convenient for my server.

    Btw, I forgot to mention all the side effects Oreobfuscator causes on the server besides all the lag complaints from my players NOT ME, like random bugs, false blocks appearing...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    MithrandirCraft So just block logging on how many of them are mined? I can make something for you that does that, blocks to be tracked will be in the config so that I don't need to update it.
    What commands do you want and what will they do?
    Permission nodes?
    This will use flatfile storage

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