WOuld appreciate help developing my plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DEATH_LORD_77, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Im trying to develop a plugin for CTF. If someone can help that would be appreciated, also i need this to be discrete closed source.

    Skype : [email protected]

    Alrite then :)
    I want to make a plugin that allows people to play CTF in minecraft. Things like global notifications of what team has the flag, returning the flag when a player dies to a specific location. Removing all block drops entirely.
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    Daniel Heppner

    You might get more help if you supply more information.
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    Updated the post
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    Sounds not to hard to make. But I won't help because:
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    Exacly what I was thinking. I need to make a similar thing for my server within the next few days it seems, I will be releasing the plugin and the source publicly, if I get around to it :)
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    Even if you want your plugin to be "closed source" (no licenses for copying source code offered), you can't really hide implementation details in Java. Anyone can spend 10 seconds to drop your .JAR file into a decompiler and get 90% of the source code. Even if you obfuscate your symbols, it's a straightforward task to reverse-engineer sensible names for things. If this were not the case, Bukkit would not exist. Bukkit depends on decompiling the "closed source" Minecraft game to inject hooks into their code.

    That said, why be "closed source" in the first place? Is it for economic advantage? Nobody's getting rich off of plugins, and see above as to why that doesn't work. Is it for patent issues? I seriously doubt it. The whole Bukkit community is about collaboration... and you're specifically asking for collaboration here. So I guess I just don't get why you'd want to remain cloaked instead of being more open about your plans.
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    The JAR File will stay on my server and not be released on the internet, thus it cannot be decompiled.

    Its alrite tho, i found someone willing to help :)
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    then you may need to pay a developer or risk him releasing the plugin to the community
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    Personally I don't see why anyone would help if its only going to be on your server. Bukkit is open community coding so everyone has access to the same materials and if a dev helps you code the plugin it will be released unless you make it your self. No dev wants to make something no one else except a select group of people can use.
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