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    I Used to use WG A while back but i'm a little confused with something.
    I protected the main city area but i want to give plots to people E.G House so i can select the house's region then give them it but they shouldn't be able to build outside their plot.
    Any assistance? Thanks :)
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    You need to set the sub-regions parent to the city-region. For example...
    City region name: city
    Sub-region name: plot1

    /region setparent plot1 city
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    Then don't forget to set the user of plot1 to owner so he can build. /region addowner plot1 [name]
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    I tried to do something similar, but then with a PVP zone.
    PVP is globally disabled, but I want it enabled ONLY in that region (it's called centpvp1 fwiw).
    How do I do that?
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    you can flag it, look up world guard flags. (google)
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    I did, didn't work. (I flagged PVP allow)
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