WorldGuard vs. Residences

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tombik, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Hello Forums,
    i just wanted to ask about your opinion in protection. What plugin do YOU prefer and why? :)

    Also, to make it a bit useful i would appreciate a performance comparation! :rolleyes:

    Thank you guys![diamond]
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    You're comparing two pretty different things... Residence is supposed to be for people to protect their own land. Most people don't give WorldGuard permissions to their regular users...
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    Well, i do over a year and i see no problem in that. I would like to compare it with Residences, because i never used them.
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    I am using both, Residence for my towns- so people can buy plots; and worldgaurd for thing like shops, PvP arena's
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    I prefer Residence :D
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    I prefer Residence. I tried to switch over to WorldGuard once, but it seemed like micromanagment compared to what i was used to with res. I ended up going back to residence, even the clueless users can protect their own things fairly easily. Res also doesnt force me to use WorldEdit which is a big plus for me. I'd say WorldGuard is more tailored to admin use while Residence is for players.
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    +1 for Residence. I prefer players manage their own protected areas.
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    I also use both, WorldGuard for server stuff like cities and dungeons, and residence for buyable plots.
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