WorldGuard Use Flag can open chests?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by UnifiedHeart, Feb 7, 2015.

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    I want to make a WorldGuard region so that regular players (non-members) can open doors, but cannot open chests. (By default, they can open neither.)

    If I only set "use" to allow, they can open both chests and doors, which is weird. If I set "chest-access" to deny, then even members of this region cannot open chests.

    I have PEX, but there is not permissions relating to chest access. I also don't have any chest plugins. Is this supposed to happen? Someone please help!

    [I'm running Spigot 1.8 with WorldGuard 6.0.0]
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    I am also having that problem.
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    old thread, but if you still need this, here's the simple fix

    use: allow
    chest-access: -g nonmembers deny

    be sure to type that exactly and it should work! :)
    Here's my source, you may have already seen it but it can be helpful when working with WorldGuard
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