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    Worldguard is not allowing members to build in areas (I'm using this with Simpleregionmarket). Ive set the region Priority at 1 (I have no other regions besides global?). It says my player is a member but will not let said person break/build anything.
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    Ok, You need to have a parent region.
    Basically, think of it like this.
    You need to have a big parent that controls all of its little "children".
    Lets say you have a market area right? Where you have lets say 10 plots.
    What you need to do is make a region around ALL of them, this will be your parent region, you could name this
    something like "MarketParent"
    Then, create your smaller regions, aka, your plots.
    Once you do that, they should be in this order:
    /region define *Name*
    /region setparent *Name* MarketParent (Or whatever you choose your parent regions name to be)
    /region setpriority *name* 1

    THAT should then allow them to build once the region is theirs.
    Hope It helped!
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    it's still not allowing them to build...doing this inside of a spawn area wouldn't affect it right?
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    Allow It To Passerby It If You Just Save It IT Wont LEt You, Just Toggle With It In the folder and u should see the option to let people break
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    I allowed passthrough for the shop1 (which is what i called his*name*) and it still wouldn't work.

    That made it work thank you. only issue is it wont work in an area protected already by spawn or towny...which is fine I can just use worldguard but they can place items down in the parent region but cant mine. I dont want them to beable to place anything in the parent region or mine but can place/remove items in the subregion. How do I do that? Like I said, everything is working except for the placing of items in the parent region which I dont want them to be able to.

    hmm when i do /region info it says there are no regions except for global...but i just made a region and i can even delete it...

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