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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by thetonestarr, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Have a spleef stadium on my server that we want to protect, but allow the floor to be affected by anybody. I set the stadium, then set its priority to 50. I then set the floor and set its priority to 100, while also setting the floor with a "construct everyone" flag.

    But it doesn't let everyone construct. My builders are still marked as not permitted, since it still falls inside the stadium region.

    Do I have to get complicated with setting regions? Or is there a simple workaround? If what I did should have worked, then maybe I did something out of the right order... in which case, what would the absolute correct order be?
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    first of all the flag i know is build [allow/deny] i do not know how you got construct.
    My theroy is that your world guard is look for people you do not have.
    for example if it is look for you default players under the group default and you labled them under like popcorn or something. it will not respond
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    they recommend that you leave build=allow on everthing (set it to allow on __global__ and it all works fine)
    set construct to g:admin to enable the admin group to build. if you want more than one group to inherit that area
    just make a new group for it, set construct for that group and add people to that group (additionally add an inheritance into your admin group from that group to give all admins that groups buildset also)

    hope this helps (I've done something similar)

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    According to the SK89q Wiki page, the "build" flag should not ever be touched (because it overrides EVERYTHING), and the "construct" flag allows/denies block place and destroy.

    However, in this case, given that I'm only affecting a 2-dimensional plane, it's a plane that's designed to be destroyed in the first place, and the "build" command overrides ANY overreaching "construct" flags, it works marvelously in this case.

    So, I sort-of did the opposite of what Morlanius said. The big region has "build" set to neutral - neither "allow" OR "deny" (the default). It has "construct" set to "deny". The SMALL region - which is completely INSIDE the larger region - has "build" set to "allow".

    This is confirmed to allow a build-approved region WITHIN a build-denied region.
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