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Discussion in 'General Help' started by IGDTakaDED_Y, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. since i started making my own server i am having problems with the worldguard plugin. when i configuared the plugin and i started testing with an alt i couldnt access to chests and breaking block/building. the thing is that i dont know what causes it in worldguard. i tested this in the askyblock plugin with players having these perms:
    - worldguard.stack
    - worldguard.chest-protection.override
    - worldguard.override.chest-protection
    i have in the __global__ region these flags: passthrought allow build allow chest-access allow block-place allow block-break allow pvp deny pistons allow use allow damage-animals allow mob-damage allow mob-spawning allow greeting allow...

    any ideas what could have caused these build problems?
    for the members i have set the groups of my pex file
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @IGDTakaDED_Y What is the spawn radius in the
  3. i have set that to 0 some time before, it was 16 standard but has it to do that i have to set my spawn at co├Ârdinat place?
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    Was asking because WorldGuard isn't the only thing that prevents blocks from breaking.
    Does it also happen when you are far away from spawn?
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    I know world guard pretty well and haveing it far away from spawn if not working is not good, you might have a plugin interfereing with world guard, but I suggest you make sure that player has the permissions to make world guard regions and that they are the owner of the region.
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  6. i have it fixed, due to not giving them permissions of flags
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