WorldGuard player-collision flag

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Exus, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics, Anti-Griefing Tools

    Minecraft version: 1.9.4

    Suggested name: WGPlayerCollision

    What I want: Alright, this plugin is an extension of WorldGuard. Here is an example of an extention plugin which brings more flags:
    The purpose of this plugin is to add a new flag: player-collision

    This flag will prevent players from pushing eachother, which will be useful in spawn. However I have asked if it is possible Here, and PseudoKnight responded with this:

    "There's a new method to handle collision (since 1.9.2), but it's not perfect. Sounds like scoreboard is still required for better handling of this.

    "Set if this entity will be subject to collisions other entities.
    Note that collisions are bidirectional, so this method would need to be set to false on both the collidee and the collidant to ensure no collisions take place."

    On a side note, Spigot used to have a great method, setCollidesWithEntites(), but they broke it when they added this new one.

    I ask this idea be worked on and looked into. I would still like it active even if mobs in the region cannot be pushed by players, that is fine as long as players cannot push eachother. Can someone help? Namaste, thank-you, and good luck!

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin, besides of course adding the flag to a region the way WorldGuard does it, if WorldGuard can control the commands, that would be super:
    /region flag Spawn player-collision deny - Denies player collisions.
    /region flag Spawn player-collision allow - Allows player collisions.
    /region flag Spawn player-collision - Removes flag from the region. (default)

    Ideas for permissions: no perms needed since it is an extension.

    When I'd like it by: Simply ASAP.
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    EDIT by Moderator: It is allowed every 24 hours
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    This is a minecraft feature cant figure out how to turn it off sorry ;( Maybe do so players cant see eachother like a magic watch or something?
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    This would actually be really useful for AFK-zones and such.
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    Default team ? /scoreboard teams option TeamName collisionRule (alway/pushOwnTeam/never/pushOtherTeams)

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    I do not wish to turn it off server-wide, but in certain areas (or worldguard regions).
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    To any developers that would like to make it but doesnt know this exists

    2. LivingEntity.setCollidable(arg0);
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    I Al Istannen

    I think I read this is broken for players somewhere on spigot. Is this still the case, or am I misinformed?
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    I can test later.

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