WorldGuard & Luckperms : linking and using them ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Killb33f, Jun 15, 2020.

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    Hi fellas,

    I'm posting here (actually, I just signed up especially for that reason) cause I do need help :)
    I own a server I started while Minecraft was still in beta, I'm running it by myself with some friends, and I wanted to start showing it to people (not to brag, but it's kinda amazing after so many years building in it !) .

    Before being able to do that, I need to protect it. So, I installed EssentialsX, LuckPerms and Worldguard. I already created my groups with Luckperms, but, except for the Admin one, I dont know which permissions / commands I should give access to. There are so many !
    Furthermore, I wanted to erase the op mode, in order to only use the groups I created, but I have to op myself in order to use Worldguard (even after I dragged every worlguard permissions in Luckperms for my admin group).
    And, last but not least, once my regions are created (I have 6 huge cities) will I be able to link the regions permissions with the groups I created in LuckPerms Editor ? For example, will I be able to give certain permissions for some of the groups inside the region I'm editing ?

    Dont know if I'm clear enough, I'm french, so my english may not be perfect !

    In order to give you an idea why it would be a shame not to let players visit my server, I add two pics, those show two of my cities from the sky.



    Have a good day ! :D
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

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    Thanks for the answer. Mini-update : worldguard does work fine, I tried with a friend : unless when you're an admin, you can't destroy / place block and stuff, as I planned. But now, it works so well than pistons mecanisms doesnt work, and I checked on the internet, and it's because block-place is denied.

    So my question is : if i create a mini-zone within another zone, and add member or owner of it, will the member be the only one to enter it and to use the piston mecanism if I set block-place to allow ? Cause even when OP, you can't do anything for now, which is bad for my friend who's a big fan of pistons !
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    @Killb33f Entering and doing things are two different things.
    Entering is normally not blocked.
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    Of course, and I can add flags to allow or deny entrance and interactions. My main issue is with the pistons. I looked online, and many people have the same question : how to allow pistons without allowing everybody to place blocks. Cause Worldguard prevents pistons from moving block when the "block-break" and the "block-place" flags are set to false.

    (Oh, and of course I tried it with the flag for piston set to allow, no need to ask me if I forgot that one :p )

    Anyway, if there's no way to resolve my issue, no problem, don't need pistons to have fun :p

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