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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tsunnychung, Feb 23, 2014.

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    I'm using WorldGuard while making a fantasy type prison server. I've made the entire server a region where no-one can place/destroy blocks etc. using __Global__ but have run into some issues.

    The __Global__ region works fine and my buildings are protected :D but, as it's a prison server, I want the players to be able to mine in the mines. I have it all set up - all I need is a way to make only that section editable. The rest should be protected but the mines should be mineable.

    Thanks for viewing this thread! :D
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    To make a smaller region accessible while contained in a bigger region, just make the big one a parent of the small one and add players as owners or members of the small region.
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    Ok I'll try it thanks a lot! :)

    You can't set __Global__ as the parent and I need __Global as my main region because it stops people from building anywhere.
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    You don't have to do the parent thing with __global__

    Simply do the following:

    1. Remove all flags from __global__
    2. Make yourself or a high rank owner of __global__ - then nobody can build anywhere, except OPs/admins etc
    3. Add the player group(s) you want as owners or members to the mine region
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    Thanks, zipfe. I'll try it right now :D
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    So this was urgent, but you waited over 3 weeks to try the suggested change?
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    Personally the global region renders useless to me.
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    Yes very sorry I made this post then stopped working on my server for a while.

    And it worked! Thanks a lot zipfe!!! Had this problem agggesss!!
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