WorldGuard error, Protections are deleted

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by oOAllstarOo, Nov 14, 2012.

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    All of our server worldguard protections has been deleted, there is no one that can access to the ftp access or console but myself, the owner. I updated worldguard due to the error msg in the console but it still shows up. Anyone know what is wrong?

    Then I have this pex error msg

    Any idea what is wrong?
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    yml file is broken. Fix it. No I don't know which one it is. It's a WorldGuard yml with at least 1884 lines.

    Then there's errors with nz.Tzeentchful.SkyBlock and me.minebuilders.ClearLagMain.

    As for "disappearing" files, if that's what it is, it's not something craftbukkit touches. Take it up with your host.
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    I know this is going to take some work but i use pytohost who uses the multicraft as well . I have had somewhat of the same issue not to long ago when they were having server hdd issues. My files would be reset and a bunch of the configs would be as well. All i can suggest is to set them back up the way they are supposed to be. OR hopefully your running full server backups and you could just restore the file. But if you have not i suggest setting up backups once the server is back up.Also make sure every plugin is uptodate you would be suprised what an outdated one can do.and i noticed you have craftbukkit 1.3.2 thats an issue to using worldguard 5.6.5 this version of wg is for 1.4.2 not 1.3.2 you need to goto and use this file which is the latest for 1.3.2 for world guard to work and not get these errors. Or update to 1.4.2 im using it on a production server jsut fine
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    Not really, see:
    As for all the other "deleted" files, this is nothing WorldGuard or Bukkit do, you either missplaced them or had a hardware issue. But given your above error report, I'd first look for myself if I were you before blaming a third party like your host.
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    Moar errors :L
  6. Use a paste and just put the link here please, this is no fun to read.

    Were there any disk full issues earlier on ? Such things can happen then, becasue the files get written to but no space is left (maybe some other server is dynmapping the hard drive or so).

    In your case i have the impression that you should decide for a server version and also get the plugins for that server version. The clients also need the same version, otherwise they cant connect...
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    did you ever update to the proper version of world guard for 1.3.2 and btw if you notice that says server INFO for me thats mostly java talk that goes away over time and you can change some console settings to make info minimal those are not errors at all
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