[WorldGuard CustomFlags] Area Access Flag

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    [WorldGuard CustomFlags] Area Access Flag
    Hello I'm Arbr, I wanted to request a plugin for someone to create that I feel several people would like.
    The plugin would add a couple new flags to World Guard Regions. The purpose of the plugin is to allow access to a player to a region for a set amount of time for a price but then onces their time is up they are teleported out of the region and cant gain access to that region for a set amount of time. For example.
    Player is in Region A and is trying to enter Region B. Region B Costs $10 for 1hr of being in the region. Once player buys access to the region for 1hr he is kicked from Region B back into Region A and cant buy access again for 1hr.
    Requested Flags:
    - region flag (region) Access (Time) <Cost>
    - region flag (region) AccessWarp (the region it will teleport the player to after Access time is up)
    - region flag (region) AccessForget (Time it takes to gain access again)
    If you can make this for me then thank you very much.
    Link to WorldGuard CustomFlags Plugin
    If your confused on what i'm requesting then please ask questions and ill try expalining <3

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