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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by crazy_chikken98, Jan 2, 2015.

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    i hate people freerunning on my theme park server so i need this plugin:

    Worldguard is great with the regions, but if you make a region it can only be a square kind, and i have a lot of circles, how about this:

    Aplugin that is compatible with worldguard, and instead of using the wand for making a reagion, you can do a command* and than you activate a mode, with that mode you walk the region, so where you walk will the border from the region be. so you can make circles n stuff, and for the height you can go maybe add with a command the coordinations for the up and down?

    And if you got the mode on, the block underneath youre walking wil turn into another block (maybe wool or something?) to show where the borders are.

    If you are done with the region you another command** to stop the mode and make the region

    Hopefully someone can create this because i think a lot of people would have this

    * maybe /wgc start [name] ([name] for the regionname)
    ** maybe /wgc done ?
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    You can use WorldEdit and WorldGuard for this.
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    What server version are you using?
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    @webbhead well no, because than i would need to create a milion regions, because if i have a circle and people may only walk inside the circle, like i say: many many regions

    @teej107 1.7.10, and i know 1.8 has the invisible block, but it still has texture, and i know. resource pack, but i need a designer to make that than because im horrible at that
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    @crazy_chikken98 Barrier blocks don't have a texture. Only when you are holding the barrier in your hand is when they show. But that's besides the point since you're on 1.7
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @crazy_chikken98 BlockHider can turn blocks invisible ( to the client at least ) and they won't be able to jump over it.
    Link is in my signature
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    awesome tim, ty, btw the plugin, if it hides a rail or something, is the minecart still able to follow it?

    @timtower im sorry to say but the plugin doesnt work :/ i read the readme and i placed bedrock on top of my ''no reerun stuff'' and i did /hiderails help (That command is unknown) than i tried /hiderails hidearea bedrock (That command is unknown) so wtf?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @crazy_chikken98 1. Yes, rotation will be odd though ( won't fix that, client side )
    2. Installed ProtocolLib? Server log?
    3. That command will show every block in that area as bedrock. You probably want to change that to air
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    k that worked, but still have the problem that if i changed a area and i place a block in the area it changes automaticaly to an hiding block, anyway to fix that?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @crazy_chikken98 Don't use hidearea then, use hidesingle.
    Hidearea gets the entire region end turns that into hiding blocks. Regardless what there is on that spot.
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    i saw that xD when it sayd the block ur looking at is now hidden i thought it was a filter xD it crashed my server xD, but sorry bro, not gonna use yours seems to be to laggy for me, i have lik many blocks to get hidden and that laggs to hell so i need a better way :/ and making million regions for worldguard wont be a thing either

    But my request looks like yours so im gonna change the request, i think i have a better idea
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    This can all be done already with worldedit / worldguard, this and copy and pasted from the site.
    Ellipsoid selection mode
    • //sel ellipsoid
    Left-click to choose center, right-click to extend.

    You can either right-click horizontally to select a horizontal ellipse, or right-click vertically to select a vertical ellipse. But if you want to select a ellipsoid area you need to right-click at least twice.

    Sphere selection mode
    • //sel sphere
    Left-click to select center, right-click to extend.

    Cylinder selection mode
    • //sel cyl
    Left-click to select center, right-click to extend.

    By right-clicking you extend the cylinder's underside horizontally and by right-clicking again you may extend the cylinder's height.
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    not really, the circles n stuff are solved yes, but i should still need to make a ton of regions due the circles and the others, i prefer my idea
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