[WorldGuard] Cant seem to get the flag 'entry-group' to work...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by golunpa, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Well this is what i'm tying to do i am trying to let the group 'newbie' into the region 'newbiequiz' but i cant seem to get the flag to work... this is what im doing
    1) i set the region
    2) i did '/region flag newbiequiz entry deny'
    3) i am trying to do '/region flag newbiequiz entry-group Newbie allow'

    is that right? if not can i have a little help fixing it like what to type :p
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    According to this, you need to specify a group value. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, valid "groups" are:

    members, nonmembers, owners, nonowners, or everyone
    /region flag newbiequiz entry-group <group>

    It appears it does not accept regular, permissions groups. Sorry!

    - gfrung4
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    I haven't tested it, but I would assume you could specify standard permission based groups in using the "entry" flag by using the g:<groupname> format thats used with all the other worldguard commands
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    Rickster: ok so how do i add a whole group to allow them in?

    Wendo: Even with permissionsEx because i know that doesn't use g:newbie in the permissions...
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    I use:
    /region addmember (plot) g: (moderator)
    /region flag (plot) entry deny
    /region flag (plot) entry-group nonmember
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    Lorenzen221 when i do /region flag [region name] entry-group nonmember it says there is no entry-group flag?...
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    I call my plot: castle
    My group: Admin
    /region addmember castle g: Admin
    /region flag castle entry deny
    /region flag castle entry-group Admin

    Try that. :)
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    there is no entry-group flag... it's on their site but not in the plugin.
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    greetings, sorry for posting in an older thread, but my internet searches never resulted in a clear answer. i was trying to figure out how to work "entry-group" also. however, i did get it figured out once i saw the example at the bottom of the flags page - http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldGuard/Regions/Flags#Group
    it says there is an "entry-group" flag, but to access it you need to use "entry -g" to specify the group and like it was already mentioned, there is no entry-group like it says and you can only use the worldguard groups(AFAIK) - i.e. members, nonmembers, owners, nonowners, everyone. to use utilize other groups you have to add them to the owners or members group (or take into consideration who isn't in that group). hope this helps anyone that comes across it :)
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