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    == What is AnimalProtect: ==
    AnimalProtect is a simple but effective worldguard addon to block players killing animals inside regions they cannot build in.
    The plugin will block any form of damage to the sheep including bow and arrow.
    The plugin will also allow you to configure if you would like to protect hostile mobs inside regions too, this is disabled by default.
    Get WorldGuard Here:

    == How does it work? ==
    AnimalProtect works by checking if the player has permissions to build in the area, either via region addmember or if they have the
    bypass region protection built in op flag.

    == Config file: ==
    #Default Config for AnimalProtect
    protect-hostiles: false //Protect Hostile mobs aswell as peacefull?
    notify: true //notify players with animalprotect.notify permission when attacked in protected area
    debug: false //Debug my code, only use if needed.
    == Commands: ==
    /animalprotect - Public command to show plugin info.
    /animalprotect -reload - Reloads config.

    == Permissions: ==
    animalprotect.admin - Everything
    animalprotect.notify - Notify this player when player attempts to kill animal in protected regions.

    == ToDo: ==
    Nothing unless asked.

    == Download ==
    Source and downloads can be found at the bukkit dev page above.
    == Changelog: ==
    Version 1.0: First Release
    Version 1.1.0: Added Announcement when out of date, removed unneeded classes
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    WorldGuard is not a category, please add a proper category + latest rb to title.
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    Is this a simple drag and drop? You don't have to edit WorldGuard/add a flag?

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