WorldGuard and pistons

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 2toetommy, Nov 20, 2014.

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    This has been fixed, It appeers there is a glitch with WorldGuard 6 and pistions. I will palce a ticket about this issue.

    I am trying to get pistons to trigger in a region, I have 2 a parent - Spawn and a child-maze, Spawn hase a power priority then maze but they both have Piston - allow and use - allow as show in the paste from the region.yml. Everything else will trigger but pistons (dropers / hoppers / dispencers) just not the pistons. I do get the particle effect from the piston when it should be triggered.
    I have done:
    remove WG to test if pistons work - they do
    Reinstalled WG - They done work
    There is a list of my plugins and a paste ti me region.yml below. Any help would be great, this not working will make Worldguard unusable on my server. Really need to fix this to move on with my server.

    [S][S][S]    spawn:[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        min: {x: -408.0, y: 0.0, z: -213.0}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        flags: {pistons: allow, block-place: deny, pvp: deny, passthrough: allow,[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]            block-break: deny, mob-damage: deny, use: allow, build: deny, mob-spawning: deny}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        max: {x: -35.0, y: 178.0, z: 51.0}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        priority: 1[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        type: cuboid[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        owners: {}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        members: {}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]    f2z:[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        min: {x: -276.0, y: 68.0, z: -112.0}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        flags: {pistons: allow, passthrough: allow, allow-shop: deny, chest-access: allow,[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]            mob-damage: allow, use: allow, mob-spawning: allow}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        max: {x: -269.0, y: 71.0, z: -105.0}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        priority: 2[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        type: cuboid[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        owners: {}[/S][/S][/S]
    [S][S][S]        members: {}[/S][/S][/S]
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