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    I often find that I need to be able to protect or build a torus like shape. Like if I was using Factions and I had a circular spawn and I wanted to make the outside around it a war-zone with out having it go through the spawn. I might need to WorldEdit in the top of a circular wall going around a building. I can work around this, but it's not nearly as convenient. I think it would be extremely helpful if someone programed an add on for WorldEdit where you can do this. I'm thinking that it would work like this. You first type //sel torus. Then you left click the center. After that you proceed to right click the inner side. After that you left click the outer side with your wand. I don't know how to program a Bukkit plugin, so I don't know if this is possible, but it would be extremely useful.
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    TheGigak I suggest that you ask this to the developers of worldedit
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    Okay, sounds good.

    Uhhh... Where should I do that?

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    A torus shape isn't possible with WorldEdit. It can not have a selection with a hole in it.

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