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    I don't know have i reachead the right forum, so if not, don't be angry. Also sorry for my bad english.
    I have a plugin request. The plugins is about world editing. I have created a lot of areas for people, You can look at dynmap at, but i have a problem the the end of the areas are mixed of resources like sand or stone like in the picture orange area:
    But i need a plugin or a Worldedit script that would do like this, replace stone, sand, coalore, ironore, sandstone to grass like in the picture bellow
    But now you ask me: Why i cannot jus select two points and write //replace ... with worldguard, and my answer is that theres a lot of ares like this that needs to be replaced.

    My idea is jus create a script that would replace these blocks to the water.
    My skype is Benas7445, so waiting for your answers :)
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    Maybe try to use /set ?
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    As i said if i use //set i have to check a lot of point and write //set... a lot of times
    check how there's these areas where i have to type it :(
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    Just make a cube selection and do:

    //replace stone grass
    //replace sand grass
    Note you can also do things like:
    //replace sand 50%dirt,25%stone,25%glass
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    I know how to replace, but i have to make a thousands cuboids selections, so i need a easier way :)
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    //replacenear () sandstone grass
    //replacenear () sand grass
    Or if you have essentials just go around and do.
    /i stick 1
    /pt /replacenear () () grass

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