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    Plugin category: RPG,WorldEdit

    Suggested name: [WorldEdit]ReputationGain

    A bit about me: I am a server owner and i like to add plugins to my server plus its a rpg server so i was looking for a plugin that would give u rep for certain worldedit regions

    What I want:

    so if u have 100 rep with "frostvillage" things there like wood that get sold will cost less so like $5 for 1 wood it and with 100 rep it would make it $5 for 5 wood something like that.

    Ideas for commands: InGame commands:
    - /rg help
    - /rg addregion (name) (select with //wand)
    - /rg expandregion (name) (expands the added region)
    - /rg renameregion (name) (renames the region)
    - /rg rep (name) (see how much rep u got with that region or nation)
    - /rg sell (sell certain items to that region to get reputation)
    - /rg delregion (deletes a rg region)
    - /rg regions (list all rg regions)
    - /rg rep (player) (sees others rep)

    Ideas for permissions:
    - repgain.rg.help
    - repgain.rg.addregion
    - repgain.rg.expandregion
    - repgain.rg.renameregion
    - repgain.rg.rep
    - repgain.rg.sell
    - repgain.rg.delregion
    - repgain.rg.regions
    - repgain.rg.rep.player
    - repgain.rg.op

    Willing to pay up to: $0

    When I'd like it by: Any time is great.

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    No one interested?

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