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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by myrrdin777, Aug 20, 2017.

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    just wanted to ask if there's any possibility, to create region like 'mob_land' which allows to spawn monsters. but this region would be in another (pvp_land) region which deny spawning mobs (/rg flag deny-spawning creeper,zombie, etc..)
    I tried to set priority: 1 for 'mob_land' but didn't work.

    Don't want to prevent all mobs from spawning in 'pvp_land'.
    Using bukkit 1.8.8, worldguard-6.1

            min: {x: -155.0, y: 1.0, z: -44.0}
            max: {x: -12.0, y: 137.0, z: 115.0}
                deny-spawn: [ZOMBIE, CAVE_SPIDER, SKELETON, SPIDER, CREEPER]
                mob-spawning: allow
            type: cuboid
            priority: 0
            min: {x: -99.0, y: 74.0, z: 43.0}
            max: {x: -34.0, y: 111.0, z: 102.0}
            flags: {mob-spawning: allow}
            type: cuboid
            priority: 1

    By the way, i need to set infinity durability for armour, weapons and tools. Using world guard for this:
        item-durability: false
    but it seems that it works only for weapons and tools, but not for armour. any ideas? is there any commmand in /gamerule for that? or any other plugin would help me. trying to use less plugins ass can for server speed.

    Sorry for my english:cool:
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