WorldEdit Crash - Server immediately down

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by turbotolga, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Hey Guys my report is about the WorldEdit Plugin v5.4.

    After i had selected a region to set it to 0 i write 90
    and this region was full of the NetherPortal Blocks
    After 15 - 20 seconds my Server got down and this crash report has been saved by Pail


    My problem is that i cant connect to the server now.. CraftBukkit is working but
    I cant connect to the server anymore...
    Would you be so kind to tell me the next steps that i have to do
    that my server can go online.. ?

    Greetings Tolga

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    Could you upload this to a somewhat more known file-hoster? I don't really like downloading from these mysterious sites.
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    is just TÜRKÇE just wait and click download button.No fakeing!
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    Pastebin it. Safe, no waiting.
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    Who Care Download sites..Have you idea for how can i take back my server?
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    If you can't be bothered to help the people who want to help you by actually obliging their request to Pastebin it, then why should we help you? It takes 30 seconds to Pastebin something.
  7. guys i really don't know why you are crying.... he is just an admin of a server and wants some help so comon stop crying and tell him what he has to do, its really outrageous that you act like this.... imagine you need some help and all the comments are from guys who are crying for a link because they dont know the site.... if you dont know it google it ! (google - your best friend) its really easy and i can also say that this download link is SAFE ! and that the download site is also SAFE !! so stop this shit and help him...

    btw srry man, i read the crash report but i dont know what to do :// maybe anotherone can help you :)
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    turbotolga looking for help around here.No matter to you, what im done or what im gone do.
    my Question is: How can take back my server?
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    Pastebin it or no-one will care. It's really simple actually, communities :)
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    Direct link to pastebin or pastie if you want help. I broke that suspicious ad filled site link twice, do not replace it again.

    Also, include a pastebin of your server.log.
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