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    Plugin category: Anti-Grief

    Suggested name: WorldBorder+

    What I want: So i installed world border and i set the border and if I move it says edge of the world so when i do /warp [warpname] it says edge of the world and I have all of my warps in 1 world, i dont use multiworld and i currently have like 12+ warps and I dont want to restart them, I want a plugin that even if u do /warp it wont be on the edge of the world, like only 1 block is covering the world and the outside of it would be free

    Ideas for commands:
    /wb set [name] [radius] [radius] [height] - sets a world border
    /wb remove [name] - removes a world border
    /wb clearall - clears all borders
    /wb reload - reloads the plugin

    Ideas for permissions:
    worldborder.bypass.[bordername] - bypass the border type
    worldborder.bypass - bypasses all borders
    worldborder.reload - allows to reload worldboarder
    worldborder.clearall - /wb clearall
    worldborder.remove - /wb remove
    worldborder.set - /wb set

    When I'd like it by: Today
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    It sounds like you're attempting to use WorldBorder as a land protection plugin instead of a distance limit. If you want to protect the world's spawn point, either set a spawn protection radius in your file and control your ops list to just yourself or download and configure a plugin designed for land protection (WorldGuard, GriefPrevention, etc).
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    because people could just fly up (i have a kit) or theres a flash kit that u will be teleported like where ur facing

    i already have worldguard but they can just like fly up the world, and i just realized i just need to put roofs and such

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    SuperBoy1097 That's a bit different from what you were claiming to need in your original post, and still, a WorldBorder remake wouldn't have helped much.
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    oh ok thanks anywhats i just used worldedit and like //hsphere to make a chamber

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