World Wont Load Properly. Have a big youtube, Ill do whatever if you help Me

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kevin saget, Jul 28, 2011.

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    kevin saget

    What happen was I was making a cuboid. I avvidently made a 20x15 cuboid out of mushrooms. It lagged really bad and now when the server lets me in. It loads extremely slowly and will just stop loading at a point. Is there any way to fix this. sometimes it gets stuck at downloading terrain which it is now

    The server in cmd looks fine.
    My youtube is OGZxBEEf

    If I go into singleplayer it lags really bad if I go near the spot. but it lags so bad i cant really get away from there so i am stuck :/

    I have no backups :(
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    I can help if I can access your map.

    In return all I ask is a link to on your Youtube page and maybe a dual-commentary with you and me?

    Let me know.
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    If you have WorldEdit log in and use //remove drops -1

    This will remove all entities.
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