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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by reopkopres_, Aug 19, 2019.

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    If you can make just 1 of them its okey.
    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: depends on the plugin we use and how many

    What I want: I want a plugin or a few plugins that can make my WOW server good.
    i have a feww ideas: 1) a mount plugin with custome speed and jump
    2) a spawn plugin that makes so custome mobs spawn witth a spawner or just in a spesific area.
    3) a plugin that hide nametags of players and mobs true walls.
    4) a class plugin so they can choose and progress in classes
    5) a kinda waarp plugin that can make so the players can use the fly masters.

    Ideas for commands: the comands depends on the plugin or the part of the plugin. i have a few ideas but its like 50+ so no point in the all. for the mount plugin:
    the custome mobs:
    and many more i can give more to the dev that tryes on the plugin

    Ideas for permissions: If you make 1 plugin the admin perm can be
    wow.* or wow.admin. (that give you all the perms and commands.)
    wow. mount
    wow.(the class)
    and a few others but i need to know more about wot the plugin works to give ideas

    When I'd like it by: as soon as you can. im making the map rn and the plugin wude take time to make and test.
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    Hate to be that guy, but your best bet is to browse dev.bukkit and find similar things. I haven't seen too many people here make full on minigame's for servers
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    I know but still i needed to try and see if someone wanted the challange and tryed to talk to me to see how mutch job it is.
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    Annyone up for the challange?
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    im up for the challenge.
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