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    Hello players! I need a plugin Dev or 2 to help me make a cool wow plugin that shall be better then the rest! Add me on skype if you want every single bit of detail! (MrKing)

    So now i will give you a list of classes and races i want to make this plugin epic.

    Blood elf
    Night elf

    Now for the Classes :D (Best part btw)

    [Warrior]Main weapon is:Sword/axe.Armor is:Diamond/iron
    Bash:Right click with your sword and hold it to push players for 4 seconds
    Charge:Increases your speed to charge at the player for 5 seconds.
    Frenzy:Increases your axe damage by 4 points for 3 seconds.

    [Shaman]Main Weapon is:Axe.Armor is Chain/Leather
    Water Surge:Heal the target for 3 hearts.
    Lightning Strike:Use your axe's ability to strike lightning at the player for 3 seconds.
    Fire Field:Summon a field of fire around you!

    [Death Knight]Main weapon is:Sword.Armor is:Diamond/iron
    Unholy Blight:Slow down and poison the enemy.
    Vampiric Blood:Heal yourself for 5 hearts.
    Winters Strike: Deal 4 hearts of damage to the target.

    [Mage]Main Weapon is:Stick (Wand) Armor is:Leather or something else
    Inferno:Summon a flame tornado that will burn and throw people in the air.
    Fireball:Left click your wand to throw a fireball that deals 1 heart of damage.Main move
    IceBall:Throw an iceball with your wand by right clicking it dealing half a heart and slowing the target down.

    [Paladin]Main weapon Golden sword. Armor is Golden armor
    Heal:Heal yourself for 4 hearts.
    Wrath of Justice:Use all your power in 1 hit that deals 6 hearts of damage.
    Blinding Light:Blind your target.

    [Hunter]Main weapon is:Bow/Stone Sword. Armor is:Chain mail
    Aim shot:A move that makes you focus better on the target and increases damage for 3 seconds.
    Hookshot: left click click your bow to bring the person to you.
    Summon Wolf Pack:Summon 8 wolves to fight for you for 7 seconds.

    This is all for now.[removed] If you can make this,thank you.

    [edit by JaguarJo: removed Skype reference. Please keep discussions here in the thread.]
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    MrKing Tomasko
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Skype in PM will have the same result -.-

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