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    Hey I need a new mini game plugin that give a new concept to mini games
    Needs 1.8
    I know what i'm going to ask for sound similar to other plugins but i have a great amount of twist to it and i loved to have this built

    Info And Needs:
    This plugin will need to work with multiverse to create a world that belongs to only this plugin use
    the world its self will be named

    Enter Threw Portal/Sign

    This will be similar to a kit PVP but with some twist yes when you enter world I want a GUI with kits

    This Kits Would predefined in the config or made with a command that ops can use like this
    /battle create kits {kit named} {item} {loc}
    The Item would stand for the item holding the spot in the GUI and the location is the spot on the GUI its self

    Id Like Also a way to make some kits with perms to be used like
    If the player hovers over the kit he cant use it will tell the
    Must Donate or earn to use
    Also hovering over will say the name

    Now for the things that are different

    I want to be able to to set a center point some where in the battle field and have a radius set in the config to keep players from wondering past and players will enter randomly in that radius

    I want a
    config to set how mean players can enter

    there is no time limit this is a battle till you die
    when you die you are kicked back to spawn and have to wait about 30 min before able to re enter

    I want a leader board of some sort to tell the top players in a kill streak

    I want a score board while there in the field that gives the info of

    3 top players in the field and there kills

    Once killed you lose your kill streak

    if you leave and you had a high kill streak when you enter you will still have till your killed

    I want there inventory, health, exp, and hunger to be saved before going into the field and returned once died or left

    when they enter they will have full health only 10 hearts
    (i say this because i have a level hearts on my server )

    The Cant Damage the field

    I want to have them pay some to enter and get payed per kill all set in a

    Food and healing items spawn randomly in the field

    Time limit allowed on field
    (to prevent cave hiding)
    or players cant go Y down some with out being port some where else

    I hope this is not asking for much but id like this plugin to built and i think it will be great for servers
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