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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JustRunningMad, Oct 21, 2021.

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    I usually run my worlds on a paper server with:
    - BannerMaker
    - EssentialsX
    - EssentialsX Chat
    - EssentialsX Spawn
    - Harbor
    - HubThat
    - LuckPerms
    - Multiverse Core
    - Multiverse NetherPortals
    - Multiverse Portals
    - UberEnchant
    - Vault

    But I also wanted Proxy Chat so I had to move all my plugins onto a Fabric server running Cardboard mod but now when I try to load my worlds their all just the plain worlds before the builds (they do work in singleplayer). They've been generated using Multiverse.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Modded servers are not supported by Bukkit
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