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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by rileymc9, Sep 2, 2016.

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    Hello, There I need help

    With my world guard

    so I have a faction server

    and the spawn and all is protected with world guard

    However if there 1 block out of the spawn so out of the world guard they can place tnt and it will tnt into the spawn

    I mean they cant like cannon tnt to go into the spawn but they can place it just out of it and it will destroy as much as it can its annoying can I fix this
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    Well, I think it's pretty simple. Add flag 'other-explosion' to spawn(E.g.:"//region spawn flag other-explosion deny")
    BTW if you want to protect all the highs do //region vert spawn
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    Or you can just claim the spawn with "SafeZone" (/f claim SafeZone)
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    Non of this helps sorry

    Claiming spawn as safezone wouldnt change much its claimed as warzone for pvp safezone is set by world guard in the spawn

    Sarcry I have other explosion on my spawn ....

    What I said is it wont work from outside the spawn so they can place 1 block out from it and it will destroy inside the spawn

    I have other explosion deny and it works if u place tnt inside spawn not outside it
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