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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Cozayyy, Dec 22, 2014.

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    I have a problem with WorldGuard. So basically i made a region were you can pvp and you can't build or construct but a problem is with the pvp on my server is potions. and whenever a default player that isn't op throws a potion down it says how they don't permission for potion_splash or healing can some help me make it so you can use healing potions or any potions in general? p.s im using worldguard
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    Try running the command: /region flag __global__ potion-splash Allow
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    He made a region. It's not global

    Stand in the region and do the command metmad22 said, but replace __global__ with your region name.
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    Instead of __Global__ can i make it whatever i made it?
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    it's __global__ not __Global__

    I believe every region that you make will inherit flags from the __global__ region. So to elaborate on what @metmad22 suggested: He's essentially saying that you can either keep changing the flags for every region (like you're wanting)... Or, you can make things easier on yourself by setting the flag once (like metmad22 suggested)... And any future regions you create, you won't have to worry about the flag again.
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    Yes, that is indeed what I mean. But if you don't want a certain region to have access to use splash potions, I would suggest you stand in the region (If you do not know where the region is, simple go stand where you would like this to be enabled) and run the command /region info. When you run that, you will get what the region info is. If you find "metmad22" as your region name, run the command /region flag metmad22 potion-splash Allow. Do note, this is an example.
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