Solved World Guard Region Flag Not Working!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by WolfMaster, May 27, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I have set a region within my spawn area I have defined it, I have expanded it vertically and to bedrock.

    When I go to add a flag to it, the flag doesn't work

    /region flag Spawn mob-spawning deny

    Mobs will still spawn everywhere.

    I really need help with this. Thanks

    P.S If you need anymore info I will gladly provide it :)
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    Are there any over lapping regions? The flag works when used correctly something is wrong.
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    This is the only region in that area as it is in the middle of the ocean....

    I have no idea what is going wrong
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    Type /region info in the region tell me what it says.
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    It just says how to do the command..

    /region redefine;define;addowner
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    You must have typed the wrong command, when you type /region info (while in the messed up region) you really get nothing?!
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    You need to type /region info while standing in the region in question.
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    No region ID specified and no region found at current location..

    I did give it an ID though which is strange
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    Re-create the region and add the flag again.
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    What you guys probably don't understand is that WolfMaster probably didn't set mob spawning to false in either the, or any plugin like Essentials. This is probably why mobs still spawn. You need to set spawn-monsters to false while in or the Essentials (Or related).

    Check that, then tell me.
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    You clearly don't understand. I just don't want mobs to spawn in that area therefore putting mobs to not spawn in the server properties will completely disable mobs which is not what I want.... Also NO flags work. None whatsoever

    EDIT: I have now got other flags working but the mob-spawning still doesn't work

    This still doesn't work

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    What do you get now when you stand in the region and issue /region info ?

    Might be a good idea to post your region yml file on pastebin so we can see it.
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    Region yml:
    # WorldGuard regions file
    # WorldGuard is unable to parse the file, your regions will FAIL TO LOAD and
    # the contents of this file will reset. Please use a YAML validator such as
    # (for smaller files).
            type: cuboid
            min: {x: 17850.0, y: 0.0, z: 287.0}
            max: {x: 17951.0, y: 255.0, z: 352.0}
            priority: 1
            flags: {pvp: deny, vehicle-destroy: deny, greeting: Welcome To Spawn, leaf-decay: deny,
                chest-access: deny, invincible: allow, lighter: deny, feed-max-hunger: 20,
                mob-spawning: deny}
            owners: {}
            members: {}
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    And mobs still spawn there? Keep in mind that mobs can still wander into the protected region; there's no way to prevent that.
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    I don't see any mobs in the screenshot.
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    Yes they spawn there as this is in the middle of the ocean so they can't wander in

    The server is on peaceful at the moment to prevent them from spawning

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    Well turn it off xD so we can tell
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    I didn't think it would have made a difference xD

    Bump :(

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    Try to remove the region and re-add it.
  22. i am having a similar problem although mine does stop mobs from spawning .
    i have the following flags
    pvp: DENY, mob-spawning: DENY, build: DENY, lighter: DENY, vehicle-place: DENY, greeting: these are the rules, notify-enter: true, exit: DENY
    the only ones that work are . pvp,build,lighter, the rest does not work (well i did not test the vehicle place one)
    so mobs do spawn .. you can leave . there is no greeting . and i have made a surrounding region that prevents mob-spawning also and it does not stop mobs from spawning is does however (i did not specify this) prevent lighters

    did i do something wrong or is there a better plugin out there that does the same thing ??
    becouse like this i cannot put my server online in the way i want it to be

    just found out that mob-spawning does work .
    but still my test account can simply leave the region and does not get any notification
    also feed-max-hunger and heal-max-health do not work for some reason
    @ OP
    search the bottem of the ocean for caves and such mobs can float up from down there and wander in .. or set a much larger region from bedrock to buildhight where u disable mob-spawning can be an extra region just for that . that's what i did
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    I dont mean to revive an old thread but i was having this same exact problem. Although, the thread says its solved, there was never a correct response or fix to the issue. I was frustrated upon coming to this thread because of that. Anyways.. I figured out how to make this flag correctly work, and to what I believe he was having the same issue with because all of the flags are working except the mob spawning. I was only making my region on the ground of what I was trying to make monsters not spawn in. it did not occur to me that I should add at least some height to the area as well, or monsters will keep spawning. It's as easy as that.
  24. caprica .. there is no fix ..
    mob-spawning simply works or does not work ..

    also it appears that mobs travel prerry big distances .
    lol you already say it in your post ..
    you need to add hight so that simply means the mobs where not spawning inside the area but walked in ..

    but still even if it really is not working or of other flags do not work .. just be patient ..
    i had 3 flags that did not work at all .. and withouh changing even a single thing . after a while (maybe a restart or a backup maybe just a simple save-all) it just started working .. now the only flag that does not work is the one that stops snow
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    It does work Darkracer. I confirmed it already. I am using every flag. Thanks.
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    I am having this probelm with flags. None of them, including mob-spawning, ice-melt, and mob-damage, seem to work for me. I am pretty sure this is a Java problem, like maybe you need to update your Java? My server is down becuase of this problem :(
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