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    I need a plugin that is practically an "Addon" Worldguard. Okay so i need a plugin that will allow my players to place certain blocks (example: webs or chests.) In a specific regions of the world. Okay so i'll start off with an example "LegitSlay3r" defines a region called "Battlefield" if he only wanted (Example) "Player1" to only be able to place the block id 30 (webs) in region "Battlefield." Also i need an it in this "Addon" there would be need to be something like "Player1" can only break "Webs" with 267 (An Iron sword)

    So in the config.yml there would be stuff like:
    Items_allowed: (Here Owners/Admins can add/remove blocks placeable)
    Items_tools: (Here Owners/Admins can add/remove tools able to break certain blocks)
    Items_allocate: (Here Owners/Admins can allocate the tool it requires to break the block)

    Example: "Player1" trys to break "Webs" with Shears. <---- This wouldn't be allowed because you need an iron sword to break it!
    "Player1" breaks "Webs" with an Iron Sword <---- This would work because he used an iron sword

    In the "Items_allocate" i need something to keep it so that "Player1" can only break Webs with an Iron Sword here you will be able to allocate specific items to the blocks! For example.
    Items_allowed: Webs
    Item_tools: Iron_Sword
    Items_allocate: Iron_Sword -> Webs

    Also permission nodes would be VITAL! Please keep them plain and simple.
    Thanks for the help hopefully you guys can help me out! See you around ^_^
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    Bump :3

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