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    I searched the forums, and the plugin I found isn't what I want. I want islands with the tops on the same level or mainly on the same level with only small hills
    I got the idea after seeing this on my server:


    I pretty much want a generator that will make a bunch of sky islands... except for being the ocean like in the picture, I want the bottom to be nothing... so you can see the void :p
    The height I would want is probably around 65 or higher so the void looks blue.

    In the picture in case you can't see, there are a few webs on the bottoms of the islands and there are vines and some small waterfalls.

    I don't want all of the islands big, but I want some big ones that have forests. The size in the picture of a little bigger is good (probably about 10 or 15 blocks wide) It would alos be nice if the spawn island could be a bigger one.

    There doesn't have to be the connecting thing like the cobble there, but if there will be, I would like it more if it's wood and not cobble.
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    This seems like a good idea. Will look into it since I've been interested in world generation lately.
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    Think you will make it?
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    I'll definitely try. I've been interested in world generation lately.
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    K. Thanks
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    I am glad you made it easy to understand, so you don't need to format this post. But just a heads up, please format next time. Thanks!

    Can't wait for this plugin!

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    Ok... The jungle islands might be a problem though if they are too small so you can make them a little bigger

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