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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by solly576, Apr 12, 2013.

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    I'm new to Java programming, I have made a few basic plugins but my current project is a plugin that generates survival islands for a user. For example, when a user types /si create, I would want a survival island to be generated (ideally in a 32x32 - 2x2 chunk - space) and the user to be teleported to that island. Would i use a schematic? Any ideas would be helpful! :) Also, the islands would ideally be generated in a grid since there will be lots of islands generated.
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    It depends on what you want to do!
    If you just apply a schematics for an island on a random 2x2 chunk, you will most of the time get cliffs because you created a sea-level landscape in the middle of hills!
    There is also the problem of constructed space : are you going to just overwrite it with a new island?

    What you can do to place your islands is to follow a spiral pattern.
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    I have been hoping someone would do this.

    /is invite
    /is home
    /is party (allows people to join your island without deleting theirs)

    idk, following the basic setup skyblock plugins have would be cool.
    maybe have it to where someone types /is create, it randomly selects an island in a file and generates it for them. Making it so admins can add their own types of islands. This would essentially make every island unique. <---do it, i like it :D
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    You can have a look at this plugin :
    You could maybe ask to have a look at the source.

    But I don't know if that's what you want. This plugin relies on the world being empty at first (I mean, COMPLETELY empty), and then it spawns an island according to some schematics saved in file. It protects the area with WorldGuard, and you can invite people over.
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    Yes, i am able to code the teaming part/worldguard integration, it's the world generation that i'm finding hard.
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    You could use another plugin, or implement your own world generator. I think for an empty world, the generator must not be very complicated ;)
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    Yeah, and i could tie in with WorldEdit to provide schematic support to generate the islands. I'll give it go :)
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    - The world will be a water-filled world
    - The island areas (5x5 chunks) should be generated in a spiral or a grid.

    I know how to make the world generator, easy. Does anyone know how to generate these islands from schematics?
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    Help please!
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    What do you mean generate from a schematic? Do you mean paste a schematic?
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    yeah, basically with the same sorta idea as Skyblock but with survival island instead.
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